Arrangements of Marches by other composers

Dreadnaught  (Prima Vista Musikk)

Composed by Frank H. Losey (1870-1931). He is best known in the U.K. for his march "Waldmere" and cornet duet "Ida and Dot".

Gardes du Corps  (Kirklees Music)

Composed by R. B. Hall (1858-1907), and originally published in 1896. He also wrote the marches "Officer of the Day" and "Death or Glory" among many others.

Gippsland  (Prima Vista Musikk)

March by Alexander Frame Lithgow (1870-1929), written in the early part of the 20th. century. The title relates to the region from eastern Melbourne to the border with New South Wales.

Glenwood  (Kirklees Music)

Also written by R.B. Hall and originally published in 1904.

 Invercargill  (Kirklees Music)

Alexander Frame Lithgow (1870-1929) wrote this march in the early part of the 20th century, and it relates to the city of that name in New Zealand.

The Winning Fight  (Musikverlag Frank)

Arrangement of a March by Abe Holzmann (1874-1939), written in 1911. He also wrote what is probably his best known march "Blaze Away".

Yankee Grit  (Prima Vista Musikk)

Also written by Abe Holzmann and originally published in 1905.